In June 2018, a new business was born in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau region. Sophie Lefebvre and Guillaume Saumur join forces to create Finition G & S: interior finishing specialists.

Guillaume Saumur, born in Montreal, made his carpentry debut in 2002, where he discovered a real passion. He has always been attracted by the rural area. Regularly staying in Déléage during his youth, he always wanted to leave the city to settle in the region. Dream that he realized in 2009. After accumulating 16 years of experience in carpentry, the dream of starting on his own started to take place..

For her part, Sophie Lefebvre grew up in the village of Bouchette. Attracted from the start by manual work, she made her mechanical debut. Thereafter an opportunity to go to work in James Bay in the forest industry is offered to her. She took it with pleasure, which she did for three years. She then returned to work in the region for a road construction company and stayed there for several years. Later, Sophie had two children and her desire to spend more time with them directs her to more administrative work in accounting. This allowed him to acquire new knowledge that will be very useful for their new business.

It was then, that in 2018 Sophie Lefebvre and Guillaume Saumur decided to start a business. They have everything to make a team of thunder. Each, bringing to the other new knowledge that will benefit the company. This is how Finition G & S was born. Giving people in the region, new services.

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